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Below are the frequently asked questions regarding our health and safety products. If your question is not captured feel free to drop us a mail.

What is a Spill Kit

A spill kit is a contained unit used for the containment, blocking and clean-up of Hazmat spillages.

Are the different types of spill kit?

Absolutely! Vernkem Innovations offers a wide variety of spill kits and consumables to suit every industry type, for example portable PVC spill kits in varying sizes for trucks or vehicles, 240L Wheelie bin spill kits for sites, warehouses, forecourts (to name a few), Lab Spill kits, Glass Spill Kits, Biological Spill kits and we are able to customise your requirements.

Do you get refills for spill kits?

Post purchasing your complete spill kit it is vitally important to ensure that your spill kit is always stocked and ready in the event of a spillage. Vernkem Innovations provides for all types of refills and Spill Consumables.

Is there a law or regulations that make it mandatory to use spill kit?

The SANS 1186 stipulates all transporters and manufacturers, suppliers and industry working with a Hazmat product to ensure that every proactive measure is taken to ensure firstly the prevention, active management and in the event of a spillage the re-active and proper management of spillages.

Can Vernkem Innovations assist with site spill risk assessment and provide solution?

Absolutely! The Vernkem Innovations team is highly skilled and focused on supporting our clients to minimise risk and to finding practical sustainable solutions for your business.

Why have a spill kit on board truck and tankers ?

It is important to note that there is common misconception that truck or tanker spill kits are to be used for the actual spill clean up. Naturally this is impossible as most tankers or trucks carry tons or large volumes of hazmat materials. The key objective of truck/tanker spill kits is firstly to enable the clean up of day to day spillages, secondly and most importantly in the event of a major spillage, truck/tanker spill kits enable your drivers to quickly respond to de-risking and blocking off hazmat spillages into storm water drains and containment of run away spillages whilst awaiting your response team from arriving. This greatly reduces the risk, the cost and the impact to both the environment and to the public.