We all know that renovating your home can be a little bit stressful on your pocket most of the times. However, you should only renovate your house when it’s really needed.

Here are some of the major reasons why most people renovate their houses. Firstly, when they seem to be bored or unhappy with the way their house looks. Secondly, if the quality of their house is already wearing out or deteriorating. No matter the reason, if you start noticing the following, it’s time to speak to a professional contractor:

1. When your floor starts detaching

The very first indicator that your house needs a renovation is when the floor or tiling system starts to crack and detach. The cracks are only a sign that the tile grouting beneath the is already wearing out. Bathrooms, sitting rooms and kitchens are the most common rooms that will need new floors. The wearing off can be caused by various reason. Whatever the cause, the fact is that your home already needs a new flooring system, tiles. Or, you can consider changing the design and add wood floors for example. Wooden floors don’t only look good, but it’s also good for resale, they have a great return on your investment. If you choose to go for carpet floors, just make sure you replace them every 10 years, especially in high traffic areas.

2. When your roof starts leaking

A leaking roof only means these 2 things. First, the roofing installer that you hired delivered poor service, poor workmanship. Secondly, the roofing system used is already old and has worn out. No matter the reason, your roofing needs to be fixed or completely renovated. Obviously, the cost of either changing your entire roof or fixing the leakages will depend on the type of shingle and the square footage of the roof. Like most companies, Vernkem Innovations works in squares. The more square feet your roof is, the more it will cost to fix of replace.

3. Your home feels too crowded or too empty

Have you ever encountered a situation where coming home to your house feels a little weird, the space looks and feels empty? When you start feeling like this then it can only mean that your house either needs to be extended or revamped. Sometimes re-organizing items in your house can make the biggest difference without spending a penny.

4. The house paint looks discolored and starts to chip

Another factor that could mean that your house needs some remodeling  is when the paint, exterior or interior starts to wear down and is chipping. This simply means that there’s external factors that are negatively affecting your home already. These factors could be chemicals and dirt. Apart from the fact that your house is deteriorating already, this could also mean that you need to consider renovating and cleaning things inside your house. Applying a fresh layer of paint to your walls on the inside and exterior of your home could save you a lot. You can also touch up your kitchen cabinets a little bit and key areas in the kitchen and bathrooms. Having fresh paint on your walls and baseboards can make the look lasts longer.

5. When insects start invade your home

The presence unwanted insects does not only mean that the materials used to build your house are low quality. More often than not, when insects and termites start spreading and invading your house, it means that your house needs come work done on it already. On of the main reasons for this could be that the materials used to build your home are already wearing out or aging which attracts pests and insects. In addition to that, pests and insects are attracted to dirty, untidy, messy and unpleasant spots. If your house is already suffering from such invasion and you’d like to know what to expect in order to renovate it, you can speak to us.

6. When your house feels a little old and outdated

If you see lots of shiny gold finish on anything then you must know that it’s about time to embark on a project to modernize your house. It is common for older houses to have bathrooms with gold door handles, bathtub and a bit of shower fixtures. This was a popular design back in the days, in the 1990’s but feels very outdated in 2020. This is one of those projects that you can do yourself without even hiring a contractor if you’re a little handy. If you choose to do it yourself you can just buy oil rubbed bronze, door knobs and other essential bathroom and kitchen accessories at a reasonable price, fairly cheap. These are usually easy to install and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. If you want to hire a professional contractor to help you, Vernkem Innovations has well-experienced team that’s ready to start immediately. These improvements will have a big impact and make your home feel much newer than before.

In Conclusion

These signs can be very minimal to be seen and noticed, especially at an early stage. However. When your house starts showing these kinds of signs, start looking for a professional home maintenance company. Most companies, including Vernkem Innovations can help you evaluate your house and give you an idea of how much your project can cost. While you can do a lot of upgrades by yourself, many projects will require you hire a professional remodel company just to make sure that the job is professionally right.

If you are thinking of renovating your house and would like to know what to expect, just contact us for an obligation-free quotation

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