Few little things you can do to boost the value of your house

It is a fact that house renovations can boost the value to your home, but truth be told, they can also break your wallet if not planned properly. There are many ways to improve and revamp your house without getting yourself into debt or taking from your savings. For example, things such as painting, power-washing the exterior of your home and re-grouting tile won’t cost you a lot of money to do but they can positively impact on the value to your house. With some sweat equity, a do-it-yourself attitude, and a few kwachas, you can list your home for more money if you want to sell it. Should you not be ready to sell, these little things can beautify your home. 

Here are few simple interior updates you can consider doing yourself:

  1. Freshening Up the Walls

If your walls start showing cracks, scratches, dirt or discolored paint, a little grease and a few paint cans can make a big difference. If you really want to maximize the value of your house for selling, it is advisable to use a neutral color scheme that unites and unifies your whole entire house. This little trick makes your house space to look more prominent and can appeals to a broader pool of potential buyers.

Points To Take Home

  • Usually, kitchens tend to be one of the most expensive room renovate, according to a study done by Houzz & Home
  • The study also reveals that master bathrooms are the second most expensive rooms to renovate
  • Most experts recommend keeping DIY home renovations to cosmetic improvements and not major ones

2. Installing Crown Molding

Surprisingly, crown molding is an easy task that adds and gives a lot of character to your room. So all you need to do is, go to a home improvement store near you, buy yourself the molding, cut accordingly or request the store to cut it for you, then use a nail gun to attach it to your wall. In some store, these decorative strips come already painted so you won’t have to. Installing crown molding does require a little bit of woodworking skill and the right tools, but all in all, it is not expensive to do. Should you want to consider a professional contractor to assist you, Vernkem Innovations can be very helpful

3. Updating Fixtures

Switch plates, curtain rods, light fixtures, outlet covers, and doorknobs are often overlooked or ignored, but they really bring a lot of difference to how your house looks and feels. The good thing about them is that you can update them without hurting your pocket. Items such as decorative curtain rods and light fixtures can be a little bit expensive sometimes, but with a can of paint, you can make an inexpensive piece look great and attractive. Again, if you plan to sell, make sure that your choice of item colors and finishes appeals to a broader audience.

4. Improving Window Treatments

Things such as cheap vertical plastic blinds, horizontal aluminum blind or paper shade that may have come with your house don’t add much value to your property. You should consider replacing them with things such as plantation shutters, wooden blinds and drapes. Again, if you are intending to sell, you must choose neutral options that can help you get a better price for your home. 

5. Reveal and Restore Hardwood Floors

Typically older houses tend to have wood floors hiding somewhere beneath carpet. High-pitched floors are a sign that you may have wood floors you in your house. To verify or double check, you can pull up your carpet in and corner some and check. The thing with wood floors is that you always have to refinish them, restoring them to their original glory. The good thing about it is that it will be much cheaper than installing a whole new flooring system from scratch.

6. Installing Ceiling Fans

We all know that everyone always wants to save money on electricity bills, making ceiling adds an appealing addition to your house. It has been proven that ceiling fans can cut down on electricity costs. On top of that they can also reduce heating costs by circulating warm air away from the ceiling. If you don’t already have wiring from overhead lighting, you may need to hire a professional, which can significantly escalate the cost of this project.


If your house is showing any of these signs of deteriorating, you better start planning for a revamp. Vernkem Innovations is a Zambian construction company that specializes in building construction and property maintenance, they’d be keen to assist you. To request an obligation-free quotation for building or renovating your house, contact us.



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